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"Renovo" Synthetic Plaster "Renovo" SBWIC

It is a superior type of water-repellant cladding material based on Synthetic Fibres & Chemicals having acid and alkali resistant properties that can be easily applied on any hard based plain surface. It can be used for plastering, both old as well as new, external and internal walls.

When applied on any ordinary or drab looking surface it greatly improves its appearance and gives it a decorative finish.

What is more that unlike paints or other such applications, a mere periodical wash refreshes its appearance as of new.


"Renovo" has a long lasting pleasing and aesthetic effect on surfaces. Ready-to-apply "Renovo" offers you the following advantages no other surface finishing material can.

  • Is water repellent.
  • Is resistant to mildew, moss & growth of fungus.
  • Has good breathing properties, sets very well even when applied to moist concrete.
  • Has fadeless unlimited colours.
  • Has such as effective reinforcement of Synthetic Fibers that a Crack Formation is excluded with the exception of static cracks.
  • Is not attacked nor destroyed by calcium salt cracking, Blisterings cannot affect it.
  • Is very much insensitive to dirt.
  • It may be applied on Concrete, Wood, Glass, Aluminium etc.
  • Is suitable for new or old buildings, for internal or external coat.