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"Renovo" SBWIC, a single component free from tar, bitumen and solvents is a ready-to-use versatile Polymeric Product. "Renovo" SBWIC forms a Water-Impermeable membrane which can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature and can be used on :

  1. Old and New Cement Plasters
  2. Concrete surfaces including Foamed Concrete
  3. Precast Slabs
  4. AC Roof Sheets
  5. Clay Tiles, Bricks
  6. Wooden Surfaces etc.

It is the most ideal product if used as a Sandwich Coat between Cement Plaster & Paints, Marble, Tiles, etc. In case of failure of Cement Plaster due to cracks (except static cracks), etc. it will prevent seepage of water.

"Renovo" SBWIC is an ideal Water-Proofing-Cum-Insulating system for

  • Flat and Sloped Roofs.
  • Old as well as New Walls.
  • Balconies and Sunshades.
  • Complicated structures like Domes, Arches, Folded Roof, etc.


  • It is a one component, ready-to-use product.
  • Does not invlove ugly, messy, bothersome and time consuming tar or brickbat Layerings.
  • Needs no special primer treatment.
  • Is flexible, elastic & non-toxic having good abrasive resistance.
  • Can be applied on dampened surface.
  • Provides seamless, monolithic joint-free sealing which is impervious to water.
  • It penetrates into the cracks and gaps of the surfaces and seals minor cracks evenly and securely, while allowing the surfaces to breathe.
  • Due to its breathing property the trapped moisture will escape, while at the same time it will not allow outside water to penetrate inside. Non-breathe Coatings tend to blister, flake or scale, reducing their effective life.
  • In the event of an accident it will not propagate fire.
  • Lightweight compared to conventional Water-Proofing systems.
  • Is highly resistant to ultra-violet rays; does not chalk, flake or scale.
  • Prevents growth of micro organisms and fungus, moss and roots growth.
  • It imparts insulating properties whereby heat and cold transfer is restricted.


The surface (Cement Plaster, Concrete, AC Sheet etc.) should be firm and free from oil, grease and other contaminates. A coir brush should be used to clean the surface of dust and laitance. Cement laitance, if any should be removed by wire brushing, chipping and washing with water.

Before applying, cracks, and expansion joints, etc. should be properly sealed and masonry joints must be cured.

"Renovo" SBWIC should be mixed thoroughly and then applied over the surface using a conventional paint brush/roller. After the first coat of "Renovo" SBWIC has dried completely, more coats may be applied if required, depending on the surface.

"Renovo" SBWIC should be applied on the entire area as a water-proofing-cum-insulating material, and, patchwork is not recommended for full protection.


The following vigorous test is simple and practical, but remember that "Buildings never remain submerged in water for few days." When it rains the water flows from the surfaces.

Take an empty Earthen Pot without any water discharge outlets

Put water inside it. It will become wet from outside.

Take another empty Earthen Pot, with no water discharge outlets. Clean the inside portion with cloth so that loose particles come out. Now apply "Renovo" SBWIC on the entire inside portion of the Earthen Pot & let it dry completely for 48 hours.

Put water inside it. "Renovo" SBWIC will not allow water to penetrate outside. Hence the Earthen Pot will not become wet. This confirms the penetration properties of "Renovo" SBWIC which seals the cracks and gaps of the surfaces. Let the Earthen Pot remain like this for a few days till you are satisfied. You will find that "Renovo" SBWIC has not become loose nor any fungus growth, has occured.
Then empty the Earthen Pot and put it under sunlight for few days and see if "Renovo" SBWIC has developed any cracks.

If not, then put equal ice cubes inside it and in the Earthen Pot without any coating of "Renovo" SBWIC and see the difference between these two Earthen Pots. Dew develops around and at the bottom of the Earthen Pot without coating of "Renovo" SBWIC within few minutes; but nothing happens around or at the bottom of the Earthen Pot coated with "Renovo" SBWIC for few hours. You will also observe that within one and half hours the ice has melted into water in the Earthen Pot which is not coated with "Renovo" SBWIC whereas it takes nearly eight hours i.e. Five times the usual time to melt the ice in the Earthen Pot with the Coating of "Renovo" SBWIC.

If satisfied then empty the Earthen Pot and see if any cracks have developed into it.

If convinced with the trials as above, use it as recommended by us on surfaces where you require a Water-Proofing-cum-Insulating Protective Coating.



"Renovo" Synthetic Plaster "Renovo" SBWIC